Structure & Style – Part 3

Structure and Style Year 1 Level A (part 3) – online writing course

In Units 1 to 6 of IEW’s programme, source text and pictures are provided, which students use as the basis for their writing. Now in Unit 7, students are presented with the formerly dreaded, but now-not-so-much; blank page.

Unit 7: Inventive Writing – students will learn a structure and process to take what they know about various subjects and topics, and organise and write about them. It might be describing a personal experience or someone they know, writing a letter, or comparing two things. Depending on the number of topics required and the student’s level, their creative writing may include 1 to 3 paragraphs, along with an introduction and conclusion.

They will also learn a new stylistic technique, the sentence opener. These are used to varying the sentence structure in order to make the writing sound more interesting, and avoid a boring rhythm. In Unit 7, students will learn the first of these.

Who is this course for?

In general this course is suitable for primary and intermediate aged students performing at or above the Year 5 National Standard for reading. When this course opens for enrolments, it will be available to students aged 9 to 12.

To enrol in this course, students first must have successfully completed Structure and Style Level 1 – part 1 and Structure and Style Level 1 – part 2 delivered by Writing Excellence.

Does this course teach the NZ Curriculum?

Whilst this writing course is designed to develop important lifelong writing skills, I cannot confirm that it specifically teaches the NZ Curriculum.

Other details

  • Course length, start date, and cost to be confirmed.
  • Course will be delivered online – see ‘What you will need to participate‘ for more information.
  • Also see expectations for Parents and Caregivers, and about ‘Hiring an Editor’, here.

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