Structure & Style – Part 2

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Structure and Style Year 1 Level A (part 2) – online writing course

This course covers the remaining lessons in Unit 4 (from part 1), and Units 5 and 6 of IEW’s Structure & Style for Students Year 1 Level A. Here is a summary of the units:

Unit 4: Summarizing a Reference – using various source texts, students practise filtering and selecting a limited number of facts, and communicating these in three paragraphs reports. Subjects include snakes, Antarctica, and Marco Polo.

Unit 5: Writing from Pictures – students are provided with pictures, which act as prompts. By asking questions about the pictures, they generate ideas as to what might be happening in the pictures. This is a great exercise to provoke thought and demonstrate the power of asking questions, including the ‘big 6‘. Also in Unit 5 two more dress-ups are learnt.

Unit 6: Summarizing Multiple References – this builds on Unit 4, but now students select facts from multiple sources, and organise these into topics. Subjects include tortoises, people who live in the desert, and animals raced in the desert.

Who is the course for?

In general this course is suitable for primary and intermediate aged students performing at or above the Year 5 National Standard for reading. When this course opens for enrolments, it will be available to students aged 9 to 12.

A prerequisite to this course is having successfully completed Structure and Style Year 1 Level 1 – part 1 delivered by Writing Excellence.

Other details

  • Course length, start date, and cost to be confirmed.
  • Course will be delivered online – see ‘What you will need to participate‘ for more information.
  • Also see expectations for Parents and Caregivers, and about ‘Hiring an Editor’, here.

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