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This is our core instruction for the teacher. It is a ten-hour seminar that teaches you how to effectively and enjoyably teach your students to write, GUARANTEED. Save Money! Because the Student Writing Intensive makes it so easy to get started, we offer a discount for purchasing the teacher and the student DVDs together. You can save by purchasing the TWSS/SWI Combo course.

The new edition of Teaching Writing: Structure and Style has just been released in the US with options to upgrade for a minimal fee plus postage.

 See how the 2015 version (Second Edition) of the TWSS was updated.

While the new edition will be available in New Zealand, the upgrade for your old set will only be available directly from the US.

Visit IEW.com/TWSS2-UP if you purchased new the 2000 edition of the TWSS DVDs sometime within the past 15 years and would like to upgrade to the 2015 edition. 

Updated 2nd Edition TWSS Seminar Information

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