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If your students enjoyed the Student Writing Intensive, they will love these SWI Continuation Courses!

Picking up where the Student Writing Intensive of the same level or the SWI Continuation Course of the previous level left off, each DVD course provides 32 more lessons to bring your student through the rest of the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style writing units and advance writing strength.

Because the lesson plans are chock-full of material, you can use each level for 1-2 years of writing instruction.

The student handouts and assignments are included in a printed, three-hole-punched packet, while the teacher’s notes and additional materials are provided on the accompanying CD-ROM.

Student Writing Intensive Continuation Course Topics Covered
This set of lessons picks up where the Student Writing Intensive left off and advances writing strength.

If you are completing or working towards an ACE certificate you can gain credits by using these courses. For more information look here:  IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing) credits with ACE

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