About Richard

Communication skills are key!

As mentioned on the home page, I am an independent Registered IEW Instructor based in New Zealand. Given my own personal experience with the IEW writing programme, and the positive impact it has had with my sons, I am keen to teach it to other children to help improve their writing and communication skills. Please see the courses I offer here.

In my previous life I was a Joint CEO spending a fair chunk of my time hiring staff and managing performance. This all reinforced the importance of employing skilled people, including those with effective communication skills. These were the people who could lead, manage, teach, debate, explain, sell, and build relationships; and these skills helped them succeed and rise through the ranks. Great communication skills are key!

My wife and I have 5 children, ages ranging from 5 to 12. Since 2018 we have homeschooled them, and spent time travelling around New Zealand, connecting with other homeschooling communities along the way. My wife is a NZ qualified teacher of English and Art History. She loves IEW too, and believes it would have been of benefit to many of the students she has taught.