Writing Courses for Primary and Intermediate Children in Christchurch

For over 25 years IEW or the Institute for Excellence in Writing has provided a widely taught and respected writing programme teaching children how to structure or organise their writing, and how to style it or improve the description and flow. IEW’s mission is to train students to become confident and competent writers and thinkers.

Writing Excellence teaches their programme in Christchurch.

Writing Courses for Term 2 of 2023

Structure & Style – Part 1

Wednesdays – Halswell Library – 4pm and 5pm starting 26th April for 10 weeks.

Thursdays – Upper Riccarton Library – 4pm and 5pm starting 27th April for 10 weeks.

Structure & Style – Part 2

Tuesdays – Fendalton Library – 4pm starting 25th April (first week via Zoom) for 10 weeks.