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Teaching writing skills has never been this easy.

 Institute for Excellence in Writing New Zealand

A method designed by Andrew Pudewa to teach students of all ages how to write well.

This method is mainly focussed on teaching and guiding parents and teachers to effectively teach and tutor their children in the art of reading, thinking and writing skills, but can also be used as an independant tool by students.

These courses and curriculum cover all levels, from pre school to graduation.

Various courses and formats are available. You can select which one suits your learning or teaching style best.

We offer books, DVD courses and manipulatives.


If you ever wanted a curriculum that covers all areas of the English language-this is it!

These courses teach:

  • Reading and writing for younger children and those who struggle
  • Spelling for children of all ages, including phonetic techniques, using manipulatives and advanced spelling and vocabulary
  • Writing for all ages, focusing on structure, style, technique, note-taking skills and applied grammar in various genres
  • Advanced writing techniques for essays, reports, research and citation
  • Oral language and speeches
  • Theme-based writing courses combining the teaching of writing skills with content courses on various subjects from history to robotics
  • Literature and Poetry analysis, as well as language development through poetry memorisation
  • Specific packages to prepare the student for college or tertiary study 
  •  Thinking, reasoning and study skills

Don’t know where to start? Reading our FAQ and Help page, Where to Start or Testimonials will help.

This progress chart will explain the suggested pathway to be taken.

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 This programme has been voted the best writing curriculum over the past 12 years



Classes offered in Hamilton for various levels by registered IEW instructor. Please contact for more details.


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